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Breton Fantasy on Ye Jacobites is the first track of JKL DUO’s debut album ‘The International Poet’. Here they have commissioned the composer Laura Snowden with the task of merging the original tune of Robert Burns’ poem with her Breton musical roots, as if the two were collaborating together in the 21st Century. The piece starts slowly and mysteriously, gradually building up through time and transforming the original melody into a trance-like energetic dance, such as the ones happening during the popular Fest Noz.


released April 28, 2023

Composer | Laura Snowden
Flautist | Kerry Lynch
Guitarist | Jacopo Lazzaretti

Producer | JKL DUO
Studio | 45 A-Side Recordings
Recording | Amit Anand
Editing | Jacopo Lazzaretti
Mixing | Raffaele Cacciola
Mastering | BartokStudio
Design | Kerry Lynch


© all rights reserved

Breton Fantasy on Ye Jacobites - Digital Download

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