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The International Poet


‘The International Poet’ is “a melting pot of creativity” presenting “Robert Burns as you've never heard him before”. In this project, the JKL DUO got together a group of first class musicians to imagine that Burns himself had asked them to collaborate with him, “breathing new life into well-known melodies merging cultural musical identities with that of Scotland’s, and creating something new out of something old and much loved…showing what can be done if you embrace the new whilst keeping the old in your heart (H. Kennedy)”.

released March 31, 2023

Flautist | Kerry Lynch
Guitarist | Jacopo Lazzaretti

Composers: Laura Snowden, Vasiliy Antipov, Savourna Stevenson, Celso Machado, Amit Anand, Stevie Lawrence, Francesco Leineri, Roberto Kuhn Versluys

Producer | JKL DUO
Studio | 45 A-Side Recordings
Recording | Amit Anand
Editing | Jacopo Lazzaretti
Mixing | Raffaele Cacciola
Mastering | BartokStudio
Design | Kerry Lynch

℗ & © JKL DUO, 2023. All rights reserved. Unauthorised copying, hiring, lending, public performance and broadcasting of this recording prohibited.

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