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Celso Machado takes one of Scotland's most famous songs, which is sung all around the world on Hogmanay, and presents it in a way it never has been before. By merging the poem’s melodic material with the characteristic features of the Brazilian Samba, Auld Lang Syne Samba not only explores the tune's rhythmical and melodic possibilities but also supports it with different harmonies. It is an international take on a classic that can be now danced to as well as sung.


released May 26, 2023

Composer | Celso Machado
Flautist | Kerry Lynch
Guitarist | Jacopo Lazzaretti

Producer | JKL DUO
Studio | 45 A-Side Recordings
Recording | Amit Anand
Editing | Jacopo Lazzaretti
Mixing | Raffaele Cacciola
Mastering | BartokStudio
Design | Kerry Lynch


© all rights reserved

Auld Lang Syne Samba - Digital Download

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