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Roberto Kuhn takes the much-loved melody of Ae Fond Kiss on a journey with him through Chilean dances. After the theme exposition, a change of rhythm brings us to a Tonada, slow and reflective. Percussive sounds coming from the flute transform the atmosphere even more, turning the gentle melody into the fast and rhythmical Cueca. In the Finale, Roberto stirs away from the original piece almost altogether in an energetic free-flowing manner, building in intensity until reaching its final climax.


released June 23, 2023

Composer | Roberto Kuhn Versluys
Flautist | Kerry Lynch
Guitarist | Jacopo Lazzaretti

Producer | JKL DUO
Studio | 45 A-Side Recordings
Recording | Amit Anand
Editing | Jacopo Lazzaretti
Mixing | Raffaele Cacciola
Mastering | BartokStudio
Design | Kerry Lynch


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Ae Fond Kiss - Digital Download

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